Boondock Bus Babe


What led me to Bus Life


The expected route of life was never designed for me. I grew up with a childhood filled with adventure, nature, and freedom. Being a child in the middle of an open desert plain with a dirt bike under me and no one in sight must have done it. Ever since, I haven’t been able to shake the need for adventure, nature, thrill, and the unknown.

As I became an adult I found myself going to college full time, managing an environmental office, and modeling. I quickly learned that this wouldn’t suffice. I became full of anxiety and secretly knew that the only thing that would cure it would be a long trip to Nowhere. I needed nature, freedom, and the unknown. At the blink of an eye I made the decision to drop out of college, quit modeling, and sell everything I owned. I took a plane to the Altai Mountains in Siberia and found myself again.


When I returned back home I began camping almost every weekend, and hiking at any free moment. I met some rad dudes at an Occupy LA gathering and ended up hopping on their school bus and living on there for a good amount of time. I lived with 4 dudes and lets just say we hit up many dessert gatherings and had way too much fun dancing under the moon!


As I parted ways with Vera the Bus and came back to SoCal I spent lots of time with myself and the Ocean. I remember sitting ocean-side setting my intention to meet a sweet lover, create children, and to someday build my own school bus into a tiny home to share with my family. More than anything I wanted to share the thrill and magic of Adventure with my future family as often as possible!

BOOM! Here I am with my Love Shane, my two children, and my bus! hahah it wasn’t that instant but time surely did fly by.

Prior to getting Paisley the bus Shane and I lived in SoCal and Shane owned and operated his own design & fabrication shop (he’s a genius). As his business was beginning so was our family. He worked long and late hours so I could be a stay at home mother to our children. I had long days and late nights with the babies so he could work and provide for us. It worked for a while until it didn’t. Our lives were growing separate, stressed, and alone. We finally made the big decision to change everything and buy a Bus. It was our way to reunite as a family, bring fresh experiences into our lives, and travel together until we find a new home closer to nature, further from the city. So here we are at the start of this new adventure, dedicating ourselves to each other, our children, and the road!