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Misty Jame




Misty Jame, 29 years young. Originally from SoCal, now the road is my home. My soul was born with a deep need for continual expansion & creation. I never wanted to know everything. I always want to be chasing the unknown .

Traveler. Mother. Lover. Doula. Artist. Babe of the Bus @Boondockbusbabe . . . and now Vlogger @BoondockBusBabe Youtube!

I am a mother to two ridiculously rad children, Juniper (age 4) & Maverick (age 2). They are the best travel buddies around.

I am a Lover to my dude man Shane, genius, designer, and Captain of our home Paisley the Bus.

I Love Birth. I fell in love with the experience both times I birthed my children. The minute after I birthed Juniper I knew I needed to experience that rights of passage again. After birthing my son Maverick it was clear to me that it was my calling to help mothers through the journey of Birth and the Beauty~Full transition into Motherhood. I am excited to see what wonderful opportunities await me along my travels to be of service to Mommas and families. (Doula Page-

I am an artist. You can find me vending my handmade jewelry and creations at farmers markets, street fairs, and festivals. I love crafting up meaningful jewelry using fine stones and crystals and mingling with people from all around to find the perfect person to wear each piece.

Creating a family of my own and converting a school bus into a tiny home has been the ultimate dream of mine and I can’t believe i’m living it! I hope you follow along as I embark on this crazy life adventure in our new Skoolie, Paisley the Bus!

Through my Vlog and Online presence I aim to Inspire other Curious Spirits to take the leap and live their dreamlife~fOLLOW ALONG MY JOURNEY AS i SHARE TIPS AND INSPIRATION TO HELP YOU ACHIEVE YOUR DREAMLIFE!